My feet. Yes, my feet. I broke my right foot in 1990. I broke it again in 2009. I spent all of 2010 doing physical therapy, acupuncture and getting chiropractic treatments. My broken right foot has messed up my back, my hip and now my left foot. I determined to avoid bone fusion surgery.

In the meantime, I am looking at these feet and remembering how powerful they are. They take me places (I’m a big walker). They hold me up. They help me move towards new things and leave old things behind. They are fabulous.

Got me a new pedicure to show them some love in 2011.


24 thoughts on “Powerful

  1. One tends to forget how important their feet are…and yes, they are very powerful…afterall, they have you walking into the 365 photo challenge! 🙂 I love your pedicure…your polish is beautiful!

    • Thanks, Ron. Trying to subscribe to your blog, but when I hit “subscribe”, I just get strings of text. Guess I haven’t figured it out yet. Please stand by!

  2. I know the feeling about having your understanding (feet). I don’t want surgery either, so my chiropractor is working on them. I have broken bones in both feet and I still feel them after years have gone by.

  3. Almost nothing more painful than chronic foot problems….I struggled with plantar fasciitis a couple years ago. I totally sympathize with you. Welcome to the 365 challenge!

  4. Great shot of those powerful feet. I broke my ankle a few years ago and realized then just how much I took my feet for granted. Walking is a pleasure, especially when you’ve had to work at it.

  5. Feet ARE powerful, adn yours show a strong character. You commentary reminded me of a poem that appeared on posters on Staten Island buses in the 70s:
    “My feet, they ride me ’round the house,
    They hoist me up the stairs.
    I only have to point them
    and they take me everywheres.”

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