Yesterday I went to stock up on food as we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow (enough!). First I went to the nice, fancy market where all of the fruit was displayed so perfectly. I took out my camera and before I even got a shot off, a security guard shouted “No filming!”. Um, okay, whatever you say. Next I went to my favorite produce store, which is in a very industrialized part of town. Not a lot of people know about this great produce market – it supplies to restaurants, is open 24/7 and has super cheap prices. They didn’t mind a bit that I took a bunch of pictures of the apples.

I cropped it a bit, and put a Lomo effect on it. It’s a bit much, but I am digging the shiny parts and the bright colors. Feedback is always welcome! 


15 thoughts on “Fruit

  1. You probably looked like a fruit terrorist, or the security guy had to justify his position as it was a slow shoplifting day. I like how the fruits are layered, with just a glimpse of the lime to tease. I think limes are one of the prettiest fruits!

  2. I take pics in the grocery store all the time
    🙂 even in Fresh Market. I suppose you could be a spy or from the Health Dept. I like the crop. Don’t know if I like the colors.

    • I have taken tons of pictures in stores before and at farmers’ markets. This is the first time anybody has tried to stop me. I keep changing my mind about whether I like the colors 🙂

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