Bath time

Here is the first of many upcoming appearances by my girl cat, Stella Marie (aka Estela Maria, Stella Puss, Stinky Pie, Smella, or Stella Mozzarella). She likes to follow me around and is a great companion. If I am IN the tub, she sits on the bath mat besides me. However, if I am in the bathroom, she will often do a very elegant swan-dive into the tub and hang out while I blow-dry my hair, put on makeup, etc. Not fabulous from a photography or processing perspective, but the snow has frozen my brain (another 9″ last night!). My boy cat will make his own appearance(s) soon.


20 thoughts on “Bath time

  1. I dare you to turn on the water lol When I used to have my cat (he died a few yrs ago at the age of 19) we used to turn on the faucet and he would go crazy…after a while, he played our game and pretended he liked it lol He was way smarter than us!

    You have a gorgeous kitty!

    • There is no fire in the house, although I did catch her once on top of the gas stop, very close to the flame, trying to “pop” the bubbles in an open pot of boiling water!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your children! I have had a couple dozen cats grace my house but I have never had a tuxedo cat like Stella Mozzarella!

  3. There seem to be quite a few cats playing key roles in the blogs this year. All for the better, I say. This one seems to be full of personality and I’m sure she’ll entertain us in the coming months….

  4. Stelllllaaaaaa………..She is just beautiful. Arn’t cats funny creatures – My cats only drink their water from the tub so l have to leave the tap on a very slow permenant drip.

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