Motion Blur

Today’s theme is “Motion Blur”. Here is my subway train coming into the station. I’m still learning how to do motion shots, so any tips are appreciated! Update: adding B&W shot per suggestions. I like it!


27 thoughts on “Motion Blur

  1. the train was actually slowing down as I was in the middle of the station and it was already slowing down – I did it on my P&S in manual mode, turning the ISO down to 80 without flash.

  2. All undergrounds look the same, that looks like Wynyard Station in Sydney Next time you are there get closer to the end of the tunnel that the train is coming from, find a stable platform (Tripods are dangerous in train stations) Read up on settings and pick and appropriate shutter smeed with an auto shutter release, which makes the experiment repeatable with different settings!

  3. Looks very subterranean with the dated tile and faded yellow stripe. I’m enjoying the urban feel to your blog. I get to go to NYC every day!

  4. This conveys the power and movement of a train pulling into a subway stations, along with the moresublte notion of the anonymity of these urban subterranean places.

  5. Easiest way is to put camera in shutter speed priority and start with a 1 second shutter and see what it looks like and adjust accordingly.
    Try to convert to B+W for this shot…might look more dramatic.

  6. I like the result! And,like Steven, I appreciate being able to visit NYC with you.

    I think you could probably actually make a whole blog with NYC subway photos and they’d all be different. I haven’t been in that many stations there, but the ones I’ve seen all have a different character. As for shooting tips, I don’t imagine tripods are even allowed in a NYC subway so I would recommend you brace yourself up against a wall when shooting like this.

    • Definitely no tripods allowed. In fact, they’ve made it …….illegal… film many things after 9/11. You may find a picture of me behind bars one day. I’m saving that for my self-portrait 🙂

    • Thanks, Shelley. I’m still torn between the two. I plan on trying this again sometime – hopefully I will see an improvement in my skills as time goes on.

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