Today’s theme is “Amazing”. With that in mind, I present the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. Yes, that’s right, superhero supplies! If you need anti-matter, suction cups, a new cape, this is your place. The main purpose of this place is actually really cool – it’s a free tutoring place for kids, focusing on creative writing. It was founded by author Dave Eggers. Their website is down for a few weeks, but you can find some info here: Blow  up the photo to check out all of their wares – their storefront is about a mile from my house. It was almost 30 degrees out, so I did some walking around.


22 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Awesome! 826 Stores support a very good cause AND they have awfully cool merchandise. I shopped in one on the West Coast – The Echo Park Time Travel Mart – and am glad you shared your local one with us.

  2. What a great program! I see all sorts of things on their product list that I need, so I’m glad I’ve got until Feb 1 to place my order.

  3. Most amazing. I could really use a new Planetary Communicator; would you be able to pick it up for me? I could send you the cash, or perhaps I could trade you a fish!

      • No. I’m in north Jersey. Less than an hour from Manhattan but not what you consider close. :). I did live in Williamsburg/Greenpoint section for awhile but have been gone for many years., we go into the city fairly frequently but I hardly remember the last time I was there. Hubby works for the NY Daily News.

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