I recently had to go to the Apple store after my iPhone died (second one). I had an appointment with a so-called “genius”, but I had to wait a while. At one point, all of the “geniuses” were standing around gossiping, and there was nobody working the counter. After making a set appointment and traveling over 30 minutes to get there, I was feeling quite neglected.

22 thoughts on “Neglected

  1. I think, it’s often the same thing: If you are to buy something new you will be treated as if the client were really a “king”, but if you come with a problem, this is quit other thing …

  2. I love Apple products. Too bad that particular location wasn’t practicing good customer service – especially with an appointment and long drive. Hope you finally got satisfaction.

  3. I hope you finally got some service. It is very unsetting to have this happen especially when you have an appointment. I am sure Apple would love to hear about the lack of customer service at this outlet.

  4. Grrrr, I hope your problem was resolved, especially after having to wait. I agree with the comment above. I think you should definitely let Apple know about your experience at this particular store. Good luck with the phone.

  5. I think everyone else has said all I could regarding the customer service (I’m so sorry). But, I really like the composition on this photo, with the offset computers.

  6. they sent me a satisfaction survey and I wrote “highly dissatisfied” for almost all of the answers. The survey asked if I was willing to get a phone call asking for more information, so I said “yes”. We shall see.

  7. Perhaps the geniuses were all talking about Steve Jobs taking a medical leave of absence. I doubt it. I do like the empty counter in your photo, for it went with your story very well.

    • nor am I! Trust me, I got a manager. Still not satisfied with the way they handled it. I said (very calmly) : “Does that REALLY sound like the right answer from a customer service perspective to you?” They are very high on my Poop List

  8. If your Genius Bar is THAT empty, something is really wrong, and you certainly were neglected. At our Apple store, the Genius Bar is always crowded and active–so to me, this looks almost post-apocalyptic.

    • this is the SoHo store in downtown Manhattan. It is usually a mob scene. There were a lot of people in the store, just not doing a good job servicing them.

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