Full moon reflecting on the water where I am. Julie is in the lead with her guess of “somewhere in the Caribbean”. 


20 thoughts on “Reflect

  1. Since you are speaking Spanish…Cabos maybe?? I don’t see rocks out there though…hmmm….I think you are in some bar drinking pina coladas…and thanks for the offer, I am waiting for you to bring me one (plus some sand)! 🙂

    Beautiful capture…I am in love w/ that blue water!

  2. Gorgeous! This looks like a painting. I can just feel the warm night air! Are you in the Dominican?

    I’m following someone on Twitter who is also showing photo clues as to her location. This is kind of fun! Her locale looks pretty different or I might think you were traveling together. Gotta say, though, if more people start fleeing to warm places and then taunting me with pics, I may start to cry…… 😉

  3. Yes, Julie! Good job. I am in Punta Cana, DR.The weather and the beach are fabulous. I don’t know if I will get to leave the resort, which is huge and all-inclusive. Normally I like to get away from the hotels and check out the local flavor…However, no complaints as it is MUCH nicer than NYC right now

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