Yesterday I took a cab into town and was able to go to some open-air flea markets, and to buy some jewelry and to the supermarket. The DR is known for vanilla, rum, cigars, coffee and a stone called Larimar (I bought a ring, a pendant and earrings).

Here are some of the local cigar makers doing their thing. They were very happy to let me take their picture. I just love the smile on the guy on the left. 


23 thoughts on “Arranged

  1. wonderful, cigar-makers at work. Some time ago I was smoking cigars, oh, there was so fine a smell, but I stopped smoking twenty years ago.

  2. Wow, those are some BIG cigars. When traveling it’s always fun to capture the local people so we can get to know them as well as the place where they live.

  3. Nice to see a shot of a cigar wrapping. I went through the cigar fad years ago and haven’t had one in years, but I find this photo to be most informative since my subscription to Cigar Aficionado ran out.

  4. Wonderful portrait of people at work! I, too, love the smile on the guy on the left. Interesting, too, to see what they are working on. I bet the jewelry you got is lovely too!

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