Today’s theme is “seaside”. I just did a quick “Dry Brush” filter on this. There was a man in a bright orange shirt in the backgound. I head home today, although I don’t want to. You’ll probably continue to see beach photos until my mind admits defeat and accepts the fact that I am back home.

Update: this one looks much better full-size


27 thoughts on “Seaside

  1. This is just a beautiful composition…I love how it fades out into the blue ocean! πŸ™‚ Sorry you have to go home, but I will get to continue my virtual vacation for a while it sounds like! Yippeeeee for ME!

  2. After I clicked on it and brought the photo up larger I could see the details better on your photo. Great image. Have you thought maybe about switching to a solid background to remove any distraction from your photos? Don’t want anything to steal the beauty from them. πŸ™‚

  3. Upon further review, by enlarging the picture, I thoroughly enjoyed the processing. I may have to use it on a few of my shots. Thanks for the idea!

    • you’re welcome! It was simple enough for ME to do, so I am sure you can πŸ™‚

      I really need to play with my blog to make the photos stand out more…but between learning Elements, trying to learn how to take better photos and WordPress, it has fallen further down the list.

  4. Stay in denial as long as you can about the weather! This is wonderfully inviting.

    One thing, the horizon is a little off. I notice it because I have to straighten just about every wide shot with a strong horizon I take.

  5. thanks for the feedback, Ellen. You are right, it is off. I was doing most of these very quickly, but am also still learning, so keep the comments coming!

  6. Oh I hope you post more beautiful photos of this wonderful place. I wish I was there! But I can enjoy it through your lens!!

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