The Letter C….

…is for Coconut.

I’m back home, and I think my tan started to fade as soon as I stepped off the plane and it was 5 degrees out. You’ll probably see some more beach shots for a while, as it was snowing again today and I’m not ready to embrace the cold.

I posted the larger coconut on my Facebook page and a friend said “oh my God, what is that? It’s all hairy and it scares me!”. I told her not to be afraid of the hairy coconut 🙂     Ha. I’ve been to many, many tropical places, so am used to seeing coconuts in all of their states.

Two shots for you today.


17 thoughts on “The Letter C….

  1. I relly like the bottom one. It puts the coconut in context. One almost feels that if one were to pick it up, there’s be a mysterious message in it.

  2. I love this forced perspective shot! It looks like a giant coconut on the beach. Makes you do a double take. Interesting and well done.

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