Well, it’s snowing again in NYC. Surprise, surprise! Up to 9 inches coming, and it’s wet and heavy snow. Doesn’t look like I will be leaving the house much today and tomorrow. Because of that, expect to see more vacation photos for a few days.

These flags were set up for a private corporate “celebration” on the beach. The weather was crazy for an hour or two. It was very windy and the sky was amazing. You can see the waters churning and even the dog from my Bliss photo in the center.



21 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. Beautiful shot. I love the wave/cloud combination. Thanks for sharing the warmth of your pictures with us. One can never tire of landscapes such as this.

  2. How beautiful is this?! So many elements that speak for themselves: the flags, the ocean, the sky and the people and dog. Really a great scene!!

  3. Nice panorama! And to see “Bliss” (can I call her that?) is a bonus. Those flags are pretty dramatic and it looks like they are really rippling in the wind.

  4. Breathtaking…all those soothing shades of blue combined w/ that pop of color makes this an awesome image…I LOVE this…looks like a print (hint/hint)! 🙂

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