Chairs or Benches

Not a bad office view at all for this “guardavidas” (lifeguard) up on his chair protecting us all. The waves do get pretty high with a strong undertow, although the water is so warm and clear that I am sure people get a little carried away and get themselves in trouble in the water.

We had another EIGHTEEN INCHES of snow last night, including “thundersnow”. Somebody please make it stop!!!! I am not cut out for this nonsense  😦

Just a reminder: I’m still very new at this and learning more and more every day. Please feel free to give me some feedback – my feelings will NOT be hurt if you make suggestions…it will really help me learn.


25 thoughts on “Chairs or Benches

  1. The snow is what you get for going to a warm tropical place without taking all of us! Don’t you hate paybacks? lol

    OMGosh….absolutely too cool….those blues are just amazing…as well as this composition! I have to admit, your images are making me hot! 🙂

  2. That’s a chair I’d like to be in right now!

    Processing images is so subjective but since you asked, I thought I’d give my opinion. On my monitor, the oranges and blues are pretty overpowering and I’d prefer they be toned done…..

  3. What a great job he has and really a lovely photo. I do agree with Julie though that blues and oranges could be toned down a little bit. Otherwise…great photo!

  4. I think part of that vibration feeling is from the use of a complementary color scheme which naturally makes each color more vibrant. I really like all the sharp detail in the roof (inside and out) materials. This is probably closer to your idea of Bliss than my winter scene!!!!!

  5. To me the image just screams Tropics and having spent most of my life in the tropics can just feel the warmth of that harsh sunlight in this image! Perfect for driving away the woes of so much snow!

  6. Now that’s definitely an office I could get used to. Sorry to hear you’re not enjoying the snow. We really need more here in Quebec City. Feel free to send some our way. Be careful shoveling and keep thinking warm thoughts.

  7. OMG–just lookig at tis after coming in from another foot of snow makes me feel warm! They certainly have cushier life-guard benches than any I’ve seen here on East Coast beaches.

  8. I love your vacations series. Your images are bright and colorful and tell a wonderful story. I can feel the ocean breeze blowing every so slightly as I breathe in the awesome fresh air and step up to the ocean to dip my toes in the water and then realize I’m dreaming!!

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