Brrrr……This is Henry Ruggles, aka “The Big Baby” at Green-Wood Cemetery ( Green-Wood is one of my favorite places – it is just stunning. You will see a lot of pictures through the year from here, as it is right near my house and I am a volunteer. I write biographies on some of their “permanent residents”, which is a fun and interesting project. I have not researched Henry, but I don’t believe there is that much known about him (I’ll update the post if I find out differently). Doesn’t he look COLD?


29 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Yes, Henry does look cold. It would be interesting to have another shot of him during the spring or summer. I’m sure his surroundings affect how we ‘read’ his mood/pose. I’m glad to hear we’ll be seeing other pictures of this place. It looks and sounds beautiful.

  2. I really like the tone you set with this photo, Gisele. Somehow you seem to convey a respect and appreciation for the place. I like a dark and moody cemetery photo too, but this subject begs for some optimism. You did well! I’ll look forward to seeing more of this site on your blog.

    Your volunteer project does sound really fascinating.

  3. Very cold and very sad if this is the tombstone for a child. I’d like to know more too, hope you will be able to keep us informed. I like how you’ve composed this picture and the muted colours speak for themselves.

    • I’ll ask the cemetery’s historian if he knows more. The inscription is very worn. On the front, it says “Henry Ruggles, 1857”, but on the side it says “Elizabeth Ruggles, wife of Henry Ruggles”. There is poetry/a quote that is too worn to read.

  4. Henry does look cold. Equal to the pose and the snow the sky you captured couldn’t be better to convey the feeling. Everything works here!

  5. There’s something absolutely heartbreaking about this naked child pleadign to heaven from the barren snow. It reminds me of Hans Christian Anderson’s story of the Little Match Girl. I read it first when I was 7 or 8 and I wept.

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