Bonus Jackson

Wow – First I have to say “thank you”! Today my little blog got the most traffic it has ever had (and it’s only really used for this, so I know it’s all of “you people” doing it). Thank you for all of your comments, feedback and encouragement. It’s a huge learning process for me and there are times that I feel completely overwhelmed by it….but I will keep at it. I am happy that I did the entire month of January.

Second, since there have been requests for “More Jackson!” I will share this little video of him. A little backstory: neither Jackson or Stella “meows”, but they do have tons of strange ways of “talking” – Stella trills whenever you come up on her laying down and Jackson responds to words with his own sounds in return. He also cackles at the birds in the yard. They don’t cry for food, to go out, to wake me up, etc. and I am thankful for that. So….I was sick a few months ago with bronchitis and coughing up a storm. I started realizing that every single time I coughed, Jackson would “cackle” . I decided to tape him at it. Know that I was on the couch covered in tissues and high on cough syrup when I did this, but I thought it was hilarious. There will be more of both Stella and Jackson throughout the year.

It’s loading a little slow for me, but it’s really short. I recommend hitting pause until it fully downloads.


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