The Letter J

…is for Jackson, my boy cat. His full name is Jackson Aloysius, but he is known as: Jackie, Jax, Boo, BooBoo, Handsome, Mr. Softee, Jackie Lou, LouLou and Boy Boy (amongst other things).  He is a sweet and sensitive little boy who loves to sit in the window when he can’t go outside. He has been “talking” to me near the back door because he’s not going out much these days. I tell him I can’t fix the snow 😦

I took this shot and the one above yesterday. I call this his “How YOU doin’?” face. It makes me laugh because he looks sort of mean in this shot, and he’s a sweet, gentle soul.

Lastly, a shot from this past Spring as this is his favorite pose. He sleeps like this all the time. I call it his “money shot” 😉

29 thoughts on “The Letter J

  1. Jackson is one handsome fellow and seems to have lots of character. His last pose is very similar to Dexter’s (my male Great Dane) tai chi pose. It’s so nice to have pets to love us and make us smile.

  2. Well if its a mean look its washed away by that “money Shot”, so funny. I had a big cat that spent most of his time on his back too. I guess they are so secure with their environment, they don’t ever feel intimidated. Great shots.

    • yes, it’s a sign of trust when they sleep that way. He does feel intimidated when you go near him while he’s eating and by several other things, but he loves to sleep like that.

  3. The photo’s show Jackson’s personality and I don’t even know him. Nice to see other people call their ‘kids’ by more than one name, thought I was the only one LOL

  4. Jackson is such a handsome boy! Looks as though he enjoys his time in front of the camera, too! This is a great trio of shots that really show his personality. Give him a tummy rub for me.

  5. Now that is one cool cat with some serious “tude”. My family used to have a cat named Cleo and she she have some personality as well.
    Congrats to the viewership, it’s a testament to the quality of your work and thanks for all your comments on my blog.

    • He’s adorable, my boo 🙂 I know it’s not all about the numbers, but it’s nice to know that some people are stopping by. I hope I’m learning something. Your photos are just stunning! Let me know if you are ever in Manhattan so I can pick your brain!

  6. Wonderful to see Jackson in all of his glory! What beautiful cat eyes he has. We called Stuart Handsome now and then, and somehow the name is slowly going over to Toot. It’s a natural nomenclature for a male cat!

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