We are in the middle of a huge ice storm. I should probably be out there taking pictures of icicles or something, but it’s just too treacherous and I can’t afford another fall.

That said, I present to you what I believe is the international symbol for “Danger – People Falling on their Arses”. This sign was all over the place at the resort.

I thought it was funny because we could use those signs around here today.


20 thoughts on “Humor

  1. Now that is funny….I think if we got the sign around here though it would need a coat! 🙂 I am still just mesmerized by all that blue an the palms…so pretty!

  2. That is very funny and the comparison with wintry falling dangers is quite apropos. I really like how you framed your shot to show the horizon, the palm, and the nifty sign. Sometimes it is hard to align everything you want just right in the shot while also eliminating what you don’t want. You did great.

  3. What’s interesting about the shot is that with that great background I still find myself focused on the warning sticker….well done.

  4. And one would slip on WHAT there? Yes, it is funny…and it does seem that it’s a far greater risk up here. After looking out at nothing but white and grey all day, it was refreshing to my eyes to see those tropical colors.

  5. Beautiful blues in that sky. The palm is a nice compliment. I have a little collection of images of the universal stickman and all the danger he is involved in. He sure leads a tough life!

    • I love looking for funny signs. I have a collection as well. Living in NYC, with so many different cultures, I have a great opportunity to see some weird signs. Plus, I have several from around the world.

  6. Funny sign, and I’m glad you explained about what the danger part of it was about – perhaps people get so caught up in the views that they don’t watch where they’re going.

  7. You found the perfect perspective to shoot this. It’s wonderful, especially as opposed to what you came home to.
    I collect signs of what can happen to stickman too.

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