This building is the PolyPrep school in Brooklyn. It is a stunning Romanesque Revival limestone which was built in 1892. It sits directly across the street from Prospect Park. It is much prettier than any of the schools I went to as a kid. I didn’t do any processing on this – I would have loved to remove the cars, but am not nearly skilled enough.


24 thoughts on “School

  1. This is a gorgeous school…I am loving all of the repeating shapes and patterns in this! How I would love to go inside to explore! Very nice image!

  2. From a personal desire I would like to see some closeups of that superb stonework when you go back Either in better weather or with a truckload of snow to dump on that van as Jens suggested, ain’t he strange? Love this image as it is!

  3. The snow at the bottom probably adds to the image. You could just crop it off evenly across although you would lose the steps. But I wanted to say Rapunzel let down your hair, LOL. Love the castle like look. NIce in the details too.

  4. Wow, what beautiful architecture. It definitely doesn’t look like the schools I went to either. The idea of turning the van into snow is a pretty good one. It kind of blends in with the snow already so it wouldn’t be a big stretch.

  5. A nice architectural study–the exposure must have been tough, but the lighting is perfect. (PS: Looks like the sow did a pretty good job of removing the cars-at least visually.)

  6. What a pretty building and the shot is very well captured too, I love the blue sky. I wish my shool house had looked like that when I was young (it was one of those rather drab 70s buildings intstead).

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