Walking down the street in Manhattan yesterday, I saw this guy from far away and couldn’t imagine what he was doing in a Statue of Liberty suit – although I have seen much weirder things on a regular basis. Getting closer, I realized he is working on the street handing out business cards for an income tax firm. At first he was just leaning back against the wall, looking cold and miserable. However, I coerced him into posing for me and even got a great smile out of him and made him laugh. I have no idea what he might be hiding under that bump. ย The things you have to do to make a buck!

Nothing special as a photo, but I thought he fit the theme well.

25 thoughts on “Patriotic

  1. it’s a very special photo, indeed, I like it, gives me a very good idea of how it might be in Manhattan. And, you have done a very good job in making him smile. It’s great! Never have been there. Alas.

    • I can usually coax a smile or at least permission to photograph most people. New York is actually a very friendly place, despite its reputation. Tony, I hope you make it here one day. In the meantime, I’ll try to show you what it’s like through photos.

  2. We have those people all over the place here except they are smiling and waving and having a grand old time. I’m sure our warmer temps help a lot with the perky attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Definitely an original. Great job getting him to smile. It makes the shot a lot more fun. I’m like Tammy though, not too sure I’d trust a pregnant Statue of Liberty to do my taxes.

  4. They dress up here as well for likely that same company. His reflection looks a little devilish, no offense to him, I was wondering about the ummm bump as well. Maybe its just the wind, LOL.

  5. As I keep saying to my children, “Go to college and get a good education so you won’t end up doing that for a living.” I admire your diplomatic skills to coax that coy smile after a poor fellow who’s freezing his buns off and probably being paid a pittance under the table for it.

  6. Nice shot Gisele .. and it’s great that you got such a wonderful smile from him. Like Ron, I wonder about the steam grate he was standing on. Is that what’s causing his robe to billow, similar to (but very different from) the classic Marilyn Monroe shot?

  7. I’m not sure that that particular shade of blue/green suits him, but the headgear and the grin make up for it. Did you ask him how much longer he had to go…..

  8. I’ve never experienced this- for a tax company! Is the statue of liberty suppose to represent freedom from paying taxes?? Wouldn’t that be great! And what is that bump? Air blowing up from the vent? A very interesting photo

  9. It’s Lady Liberty for Liberty Tax service, right? Though he is no lady, though he looks pregnant. I think this is one of the things kim2900 does for her accounting firm.

  10. I feel very badly for the people doing this around here. It was 4 degrees F yesterday and who knows what the wind chill was and there he was standing and waving as the cars went by.

  11. Always late to the party………I am just now seeing this! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As one who works in a CPA firm, I find this wrong and disturbing on sooooo many levels! Plus, I think he’s working my corner!!!! (ha ha ha, Steven!) ๐Ÿ˜›

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