Today’s theme is “Sandy”. Look at these footprints. Notice anything strange about them? Footprints normally sink into the sand, yet these are coming out like 3D.  I have no idea how this happened, but I thought it was cool. Anybody know what would make footprints turn out this way? Aliens?


32 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. OMGosh…I have never seen anything like this before…way too cool! You captured the dimensional footprints perfectly! I am dying to know why these are like that…I will be checking back!

  2. there could be two possibilities:
    1. you did that with Photoshop
    2. if not, might have been, that someone went there and the water washed away the sand round the foot prints


  3. I would think that the weight of the body compressed the sand on the footprints, then the incoming tide removed some of the uncompressed sand which raised the footprint. But I am guessing, like I always do. Perhaps it is magic. Either way it is cool.

  4. Yes it looks a bit weird but I saw the same on the snowy ice and I join Stevens theory. It looks funny though

    As for my Noisy-post :
    its a hovercraft for transportation out in the archipelago when it’s ice that no boats can force through. The tent is used for garage to the hovercraft. I added some info in my post so thanks for asking 🙂

  5. Did they look raised in the sand, or is this an optical illusion? I’ve had photos of regular foot prints in which the foot prints seem to be elevatd, espcially if I hold them in certain directions.

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