Today’s theme – Religion. Another shot from Green-Wood Cemetery. I’m not sure how many visitors this Church gets on a Sunday.



24 thoughts on “Religion

  1. I used a temple (bar) as my religion so a Church for religion makes perfect sense to me. I know a guy named Church and he is one of the most unholy persons I know. Names are funny.

  2. Perhaps it should be renamed “All Souls Church?” I hear people are just dying to get in there! (I know! I know! I’m dying here! Tough crowd!)

  3. Me again. We asked our Brooklyn born and raised friend about Green Wood and she used to date the caretaker’s son. She remembers watching the bicentennial fireworks from there. She lived in an area called Parkslope. I tried looking for an email address here to tell you this privately, but couldn’t find one. Hope you don’t mind me adding this tidbit here!

  4. LOL! Not sure I would want to consider a “church” like this one! (Of course being Jewish, I am not considering a church, but if I did it wouldn’t be this one!)

    I do like the lighting and the deep blue sky.

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