Today’s theme is “multicolored”. I think this mural fits nicely. This is around a mile from my house, on the side of a grocery store (called “Eagle Provisions” – you can see the eagle drawing and “Provisions” in the top photo).

It is really hard to get a good shot of the whole thing, because you can’t back up far enough (narrow street) and because aside from 1.5 hrs./week for street cleaning rules, cars are always parked in front.


22 thoughts on “Multicolored

  1. I really kinda favor the 2nd image…I think the cars give us an idea of how large that colorful mural really is! Very cool how it takes up the entire side of the building! That was one great artist!

    • Shelley – I just have a P&S and my wide setting didn’t get it all. However, a DSLR + multiple lenses are on my wish list. Sigh. Anybody want to adopt me?

  2. That mural has so much going on, for once i like my not fast dsl because until the whole very large image downloads all the way I can see tons of detail. The cars do give a sense of how big and wonderful this is.I so love your taking us along in your days.

  3. Nice detail in the mural and I especially like the second image where you can see how massive this is. Do they ever open the windows and break the continuity?

  4. What a neighborhood brightener! I love these folksy type murals…so much detail to take in. I think your first photo really gives a feel as to how it looks when one is walking by…everything at an angle. Great photos for the theme!

  5. I’m so glad you took these shots and shared with us. That is truly a work of art and you did a fine job in capturing it. Someday you will share the story of the mural. There is so much represented here-so many voices trying to be heard, so you can tell this was a community piece. Maybe there is a signature of some sort? It’s nice to see a neighborhood that is not so homogeneous as a good bit of America is beginning to be.

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