Transportation around the resort. Who wants to ride on the handlebars? Warning: driver may have had a few piña coladas. Frame from onOne software.


15 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. This is beautiful! From the blue skies and emerald seas to the white beaches and subtle glint of the chrome on the handle bars!

  2. This is postcard perfect! I love the processing and framework! If I were there for a ride, I’d probably be suffering from too many pina coladas too! 🙂

  3. The almost empty beach and the riderless bike along with the retro frame combine to make one wonder about the story behind it all.

    • the bikes are available to all guests to ride around the resort (which is HUGE). You see them abandoned in some strange places. I didn’t ride one, so I’m not sure – it looked like you could just leave them wherever you wanted. Perhaps they came by at the end of the day and collected them all. They also used golf carts all over the resort – but just for staff.

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