Today’s theme is “Fear”. I would be very afraid to fall into this lake at Green-Wood cemetery.


25 thoughts on “Fear

      • No I have an allergy to cold, but with regard to your comment on my second snake post (Again Fear – LOL) I replied
        “Gisele, I love Snakes, I have tried to explain this to Tammy – But Some Snakes Can’t talk and just bite you to say “Hello”! These are even friendlier they just wantta give ya a Great Big Hug to show they LOVES YA Honey (or maybe that’s smothered in honey) LOL”

    • I have had some scary moments in the cemetery – like when a hedgehog came out from behind a crypt and scared the hell out of me, or when I have walked too far on my damaged feet and don’t think I can walk my way out (it’s almost 500 acres). During those moments, I think “hey, at least it’s convenient to die in a cemetery”. I’m a little twisted, in case you haven’t noticed 🙂

  1. I’m with you-I don’t even step out on the lakes around here when people are fishing and skating. I love the way you caught just the sign and the treatment you gave the shot. It certainly conveys a forbidding effect. Almost looks a little blizzardy.

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