In Your House

With all of the horrible weather, I got stir-crazy last week and started trying to photograph things in my house. I had some white and black foam board and was playing around with this little guy.

The back story is that I had two mini gnomes in my yard – Nikolai and Jerry (or Gnikolai and Ga-Jerry as they were called). My friend and I used to barbecue in my yard and we would have a game with the two gnomes. One of us had to hide them, and the other had to find them. The rules were that you had to put them someplace where they were visible without having to move anything – and that you were not allowed to do anything cruel to them (like throw them on the grill or hang them from a noose somewhere). There were times after a few too many beers where one person would hide them and the other would forget to look for them….Then several days later nobody would know where they were. Eventually we’d find them someplace silly – like in a pot of thyme. One day a few months ago, before winter set in, I had a different friend over and he was helping me clean up the yard. We cut down and bagged tons of branches. Well, SOMEBODY (not me) got a little over-zealous and accidentally threw out Gnikolai! Ga-Jerry has been in the yard by himself all winter. At least I think he is – I haven’t actually been able to see the ground since December 26th, when we had our first big snow storm.

This will be Ga-Jerry’s new pal. I haven’t decided what to name him yet? Any ideas? Something Irish, of course! In the meantime, he is IN MY (YOUR) HOUSE.

I’m not sure which photo I like better. I kind of like the idea of him in his own little spotlight. Both SOOC. I wish I had a crisper shot for the first one. He’s kind of hard to shoot as he always looks a bit fuzzy – even in person.


13 thoughts on “In Your House

  1. I also like the first picture more than the other one, and I like the new companion, he looks so determined as if he’d say: Ok, here I am and here will I stay!

  2. I don’t think Gnomes are Irish persay, but if they be wee folk from Erin, then Paddy would surficce and if GNikolai turns up, they can look after your shrubbery for you course then they will be Tree Fellas (Three Fellows – Get it?)

  3. Well, they would be called Leprechauns actually. They need Irish names like Sean or Shamus, or Kevin (the first one looks like my Irishman Kevin Michael Flanagan)… Can I borrow them for St. Patrick’s Day?

    • He likes to travel (I brought him to the DR), so maybe he’ll stop by your house after a few beers. My neighbor’s kids are Sean and Seamus, so I have to find something else. Kevin might work.

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