In the Distance

Meet Minerva, the Roman goddess of war. Here she is in Green-Wood Cemetery, on top of the highest point in Brooklyn. Minerva sits on the site of The Battle of Brooklyn (aka The Battle of Long Island). This was the very first battle of the Revolutionary War – after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Why is this “In the Distance”? What you can’t see (I don’t have a camera good enough to do it justice) is that Minerva is waving at her sister across the water. Who is her sister? The Statue of Liberty! Pretty cool, huh?

Land developers have been trying to build new structures which would block the view. They have been stopped by the community. Story here:

This was SOOC. If I get ambitious, I will try to remove the branches.


20 thoughts on “In the Distance

  1. That’s a fascinating story and good on them for sticking to what they believed in. That view deserved to be protected.

    Your shot is great. That she is so prominent in the frame emphasizes her power.

  2. Wow–all those years living in NY and I never knew that. She does look like she’s gazing across a long distance to make a farewell. Would that it were so!

  3. Minerva, the sister of Liberty??? Don’t know what your smoking but I would put some distance between you and your stash before the authorities catch up with you! LOL

  4. I wouldn’t mess with Minerva. She has Popeye sized forearms!

    And I somehow heard about Green-Wood cemetery has a nice view of NYC harbor. Hmmm…..

  5. Love the gaze that the sculptor put into her eyes. Am looking forward to continuing glimpses of the cemetery thru your camera. Am glad to hear the rest of the story….

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