Today’s theme is “calm”. I’m posting this today as a reminder for me to “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Yesterday I went to the doctor and I have to have my foot in a cast again (thankfully only for a short time). I’ll probably be in a cast for all of next week. Am going to try to take a bunch of extra photos in the next few days so I can just play around with processing while I’m off my feet. I wasn’t happy about the news, so I’m just going to look at this picture when I get frustrated. Serenity now!


20 thoughts on “Calm

  1. I am so sorry Giselle, but you will have fun playing! 🙂 And, it is only for a week…think of it as a PSE vacation! This image is very calming…It makes me wish I were in one of those chairs w/ a pina colada in hand!

  2. But not a Pina Colada in sight, don’t you find them a great sedative. Have them put an attachment on the cast to give your tripod a nice stabile base to shoot from, oh and drink plenty of fluids. LOL

  3. A week will go by in a flash. On the day after tomorrow you can say that one day after the day after tomorrow you can safely say the cast will be off the day after tomorrow, or one week. In the meantime enjoy your time to explore software!

  4. Well, that just sucks! So let us see a picture of your toes! In the mean time, I lke your method of getting away from it by transporting yourself to this idyllic spot.

  5. Bad news about the cast,
    a week is not a long time.
    Stay calm and the time will go by fast
    and soon you’ll be back to your prime..
    Pretend you are there where you can see the sea
    and feel the warm sand between your toes
    Take a sip of your imaginary drink
    and let go of all your woes.

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