I started playing around with onOne Essentials 3 and totally overprocessed this shot. Then I took the color out. There’s still something I like about it. This was on my way to the foot doctor. I don’t know this area well, but plan on exploring more when I have some time.  In Brooklyn, the subway goes both above and below ground (the further away from Manhattan, the more likely you are going to be above ground).  If you lived near or under the tracks it would definitely be “noisy”.


19 thoughts on “Noisy

  1. i love this angle. when i was in chicago 3 years ago we took a boat tour and i got some great shots from under the bridges and tracks that remind me of this. definitely noisy!

  2. It looks like the area of Queens where my in-laws live (I’ll be down there visting them on Sunday.) I prefer the B&W: it’s got the right gritty feel.

    • It was under the F train – Avenue N stop, but there are a lot of places in Queens that look similar. Where are your in-laws? I’m getting my cast on Sunday, but if you are around again and have time let me know if you want to meet up.

  3. B&W all the way for me … and I really like all the lines going on in the shot. The stoplights hanging off on the left are great compliments. I agree with Mike that boosting the contrast would make it even more interesting. Well done!! Hope your foot is on the mend.

  4. The B&W is so interesting because the gray tones allow the eye to wander around and enjoy all the components of both the top and underside of the structure.

    Thanks for sharing the color image it gave me the opportunity to see your creative thinking. Keep playing!

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