Ultimate Thrill

Kudos to Julie who is the one who guessed without seeing the (accidental) preview! Some people were able to see this in their readers earlier. I’m going to post this slightly after midnight so that I am still at a photo a day 🙂

This is the famous Coney Island Cyclone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coney_Island_Cyclone). I recommend you only let people you really hate ride this thing. I have not and will not get on it – people get hurt all the time, and a guy died a few years ago from breaking his neck. They had a problem with the coaster going too fast down the first drop. To say it is “rickety” is an understatement. Besides, you can see how close I am to it – security around the ride is seriously lacking.

Anyway – it IS an institution and has NYC Landmark status. You will see some upcoming shots from Coney Island – I was there yesterday because it was finally nice and warm.  It is run down and dirty, but that is the charm. Developers are coming and tearing down part of history and making it look like Disneyland. Store owners are fighting the change, people are signing petitions, but the developers almost always win.

It IS fun to look at, though.

p.s.  I am playing around with themes in WordPress. Feedback is welcome. 


21 thoughts on “Ultimate Thrill

  1. That’s really cool looking …. which is not another way of saying I’d ride it.

    I hope the developers lose a round for a change. I hate to see funky grunge torn down so everything can be disneyfied.

      • That’s only cause she is from Canadidia, and I am way Down Under, oh and you Sheilas always stick together. LOL;

        What I needed to know is how the preview happend as I had intended to go away for a fortnight and planned to predate my posts for the period, now it seems I can’t as they will all come out at once.

      • Well, why didn’t you just ask?! You can pre-schedule in WordPress. When you create a post, look in the upper-right corner. There are options to set the time and date to publish a post. Let me know if you can’t figure it out and I will write out some more details.

  2. I’ll keep your warning in mind should I ever get to Coney Island. I love the traditional parks and will usually have a spin on whatever heritage coaster each one has. It’s the newer ones I can’t take. My favorite old-style parks have been Cedar Point in Ohio and Hershey Park in PA.

    I love the touch of red in your photo and can’t wait to see more of Coney Island.

    So, you’re theme shopping? My favorite ones are simple so I like this one (Vostok). Nice that it doesn’t have the sidebars – they always seem to throw a page out of balance. I like the color of the background too – on my screen it shows as sort of a purply-blue. I’d like the content area to be wider, though. Have also heard people say before that they have trouble reading white text on a dark background so I try to stick with black on white. The themes I don’t like are the flexible width ones because the arrangement of the text and pictures varies depending on the screen real estate of the viewer and they can see something quite different than what you see on your screen. Just a couple thought to take or dismiss!

  3. an interesting construction but I would never ride on that, looks scary…. I like the angle of the shot though

    as for my metalfaces i don’t know why he put those names, tried to find something about it but failed

  4. Oh, I hope for more of this! Great “looking up.” I love kitsch, cheese, kitschy cheese and cheesy kitsch. I know you and Coney Island can produce. Will we get a seat at Nathan’s Hotdog contest on the Fourth?

  5. Interesting perspective and helpful advice. However, I really don’t like roller coasters, even safe ones, so I don’t think I’ll ever find myself in line to go on this.

  6. Seriously, this is so not on my bucket list (to ride it)…but I would love to see Coney Island and all the urban sights . Great shooting angle here…more than affirms my fear!

  7. I’ve never been on it either, but it is THE classic roller coaster. I thought for sure my husband would have ridden it, but he hasn’t.

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