Another “just after midnight” post from me as tomorrow I get the cast on and my day will be hectic.

Here’s one of the very few “wins” against developers. The Shore Theater received Landmark status in December, saving it from demolition. This building was opened ~1925 and was a theater, then a vaudeville/ burlesque house, then an adult film theater, followed by a bingo hall. It’s been empty for 30 years, but I’m sure that somebody will do something with it sooner or later. At least they can’t tear it down now. Here is is when it was a porn theater – note the title “She’s Doing it Again” – this was probably in the ’70s.


I added a slight watercolor filter on this.


23 thoughts on “Retro

  1. The effect you applied to this shot is fabulous. It gives a vintage yet restored look. I enjoyed seeing the historic photo too. Now, do you have any idea what the animal nursery next door was?

    • From what I understand, the Animal Nursery was a regular pet store that also had a variety of “exotic animals”. They had a chimp and some llamas. It has been closed for ages. I’m not sure if they went out of business or if the ASPCA or similar agency shut them down. I don’t think the animals were kept in good condition.

  2. photographing coney island is on my bucket list! i love this shot, i’m so loving all things retro and vintage right now. they should turn it into a hotel, or museum.

    • I hope you make it soon, because they are sucking all of the charm out of it at an alarming rate. I am hoping this becomes a hotel, too. With all of the new development, it would make sense.

  3. I really love this…the simplistic view is perfect! I am also in love w/ the processing…it adds a vintage look and “grit” to the image!

  4. Very cool building and processing. She’s Doing it Again was a film about a lady electrician rewiring a house, so get your mind out of the gutter. And I am not a Foamer! I am a railroad enthusiast who has a life outside of trains. Got that? Good!

    Remember, the cast will be off in no time.

    • That might have been the synopsis you told your parents when you went to see it, but here is the overview I found at Film was made in ’69: “An inventor invites employees of an auto company to his lakefront home and sexual games and deceit ensue when one of the workers talks his wife into seducing their host, while the other wife takes it upon herself to try the same plan. Bob February, Carol Gian and Lisa Milone star in this sensual, all-swapping drama.”. Amazing that it did not win an Oscar.

    • thank you! I love the pictures of your cats. My mom has a big orange cat who looks a bit like your late “Cinnamon Spice”. His name is Simon, aka Orange Crusher, Chubba Wubba or Woolly Bully.

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