Today’s theme is “Red”. Red is for Ruby’s Bar and Grill, which (as you can see) happens to also be red. There was an epic battle to save this place, but alas, this is the last year it will operate. Open for 76 years, Rubin (Ruby) Jacobs took over this bar in 1975 and filled it with photographs of old Coney Island rides, Frank Sinatra on the jukebox and local old-timers inside (tourists generally sit outside). The developer Β (bastards!) wants to “clean it up” and change the whole flavor of the boardwalk. People held rallies, signed petitions, etc., but all they managed was an extension through the current year’s season. The deal allows them (and seven other beloved businesses) to stay open this year as long as they promise not to fight eviction in November. I’m still hopeful that something can save them (like Landmark status or a good lawyer). Story here:

I’m adding a B&W version because Coney Island without Ruby’s will be like life without color.

Note: you do NOT want to go to the bathroom here. Ever. Just trust me on this.


24 thoughts on “Red

  1. Don’t you hate it when progress gets in the way of history. The link story was a good read and it will be a very sad day if Ruby’s gets its marching orders. Great photo with all the red.

  2. Now this looks like it belongs here in Nebraska….with all that red and white you need a “Go Big Red” sign out there…perfect for our Husker football games! This looks like a hoppin’ place….looks just plain fun!

  3. What a shame that an institution people obviously love is going to go down to development. They have a way of sucking the soul out of the places we live, don’t they?

    I like how you decided to do this one in B&W and I agree with Tony that it made a lot of sense to do so.

  4. Great picture but a very sad story. It proves that progress is not always real progress. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that something or someone will help save your landmarks. By the way, I like that you posted the black and white as well. It echos your sentiments well.

  5. Losing a place like that jsut plain sucks–especially since it will no doubt be replaced by some “clean” chain with no local personality whatsoever. Love the photo–it just pulses with the life of the place.

  6. Looks like a great place to see and visit. And I will have to check out the bathroom, just because I am a contrarian. Looks like you picked a fine day to visit and photograph Ruby’s. At first I thought that was a dead horse in front until I saw it was some piled snow.

  7. I hope it can be saved. Anyplace with a clam bar is worth hanging on to. (And I love how they’re branching out into umbrellas!)

  8. Too bad some of the character of NYC will be gone forever when the year is up. Who wants to eat at the all-familiar chain which may clean up the look but also be boring and the same old, same old! Great story and documentation of a vanishing landmark.

  9. It’s hard trying to catch up and add something that hasn’t been said but I love this and like that your point about the b/w.
    Again I love seeing NYC as you ,I guess hobble along. Best of luck with the new fix.

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