Lots & Lots & Lots

In addition to going to Coney Island, I went to Brooklyn’s Chinatown so that I would be stocked up on photos for a while. There will be more Coney Island to come, but for now I bring you lots & lots & lots……..of mushrooms. This is a very typical sight walking down the streets around there. Brooklyn’s Chinatown is fairly large, in addition to a very large Chinatown in Manhattan and another area in Flushing, Queens.


18 thoughts on “Lots & Lots & Lots

    • that header photo came with the theme. I kept it because it’s pretty. I’m not sure if it ever changes. I guess I’ll find out (if I ever settle on a theme)

  1. I have never seen a mushroom market! This is much easier than hunting and picking them! 🙂 This makes for a very interesting image with the different textures and colors! Very cool find!

  2. I’m not a big toadstool eater, but I love the shapes and seeing them grow on the floor of the forest or in the crevices of trees.

    Is your cast itching now? I mean, really, really itching? 🙂

    • not itching at all, but thanks for your concern 🙂 It’s also really short, so I can pretty much get at any area that itches. I don’t think it’s doing a bit of good, unfortunately. It was an experiment – one which is failing, as far as I am concered

  3. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many kinds of mushrooms. I love mushrooms but I think I might be a bit nervous about not being able to read the signs.

  4. The proprietors of this stand really chose their signage well as the scarlet color really commands your attention. Interesting shapes and textures…your choice of framing is super!

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