Today’s theme is “alive”. Would anybody like to buy some fresh crabs? I mean REALLY fresh. I think the one on the left is making a run for it….sideways, of course


20 thoughts on “Alive

  1. I think that
    s called siddling off Giselle, great take for the theme, wish I was in Darwin so I could get a similar shot and be able to enjoy some great Mudcrab Meat!

    • thank you! I’m still learning (constantly) how to take better pictures. I feel sorry for them too. I eat animals, but I don’t want to see them or know their names before they are prepared. I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

  2. I go in and out of some form of vegetarianism all the time, since I was 17. The food tastes great and it is our innate nature to be in the food chain, but if I get too analytical I go back to the lentils and rice. Does grass scream when we walk on it, or a carrot cry when we peel it? It is rather difficult having a frontal lobe sometimes!

  3. Live crabs! We just had great crab and lobster in Maryland and Rhode Island this weekend. A little better thinking about the live crabs then a live goat… your pictures are great and it only takes practice and takes taking a LOT of pics to get an eye for it.

  4. I’m sure they taste fantastic–but I just couldn’t actually cook them alive. The sign being in Chinese as well as Arabic numbers makes it exotic.

  5. They do look really fresh! I’m one of those who likes to eat them, but doesn’t want to do the cooking myself. Oh well, these guys are safe for now… Nice interpretation of theme!

  6. I think we are all in the habit of putting human emotions onto animals/creatures. They usually live in the “now” only and don’t worry about tomorrow or fret about the yesterday. A quick end is much more humane than the struggle against survival (starvation etc)
    With that said, I still would rather not have to dispatch my own crab anymore than I would want to deal the death blow to a steer, lamb or pig. One can’t be hesitant and be humane! Enuf said, I’m afraid.. all living things have a purpose and some serve as meals for others depending on their place in the food chain.

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