Today’s theme is “prickly”. These pitaya fruit are definitely prickly. They are also known as “dragon fruit” and are the fruit of a cactus plant. I haven’t tried one yet – I hear they are sweet with lots of seeds inside. Maybe some day soon.

Processed with onOne – Burst Color, ColorChrome + frame.

p.s. still can’t find a theme for WordPress that I really like. This one is okay, and I like that it gives camera settings, but you can only put one pic per post (unless I just haven’t figured it out yet) and it’s kind of hard to find where to put your comments…..the search continues.


15 thoughts on “Prickly

    • I did change the look of my blog – I keep trying out different themes and don’t really love any of them. However, you might still be losing your mind 🙂

  1. This is such a fun picture! I’ve never heard of the fruit so we have to use you as a guinea pig and make you try one, then report back to us what it tasted like! Then… send up each one so we can try it, as well! 😉

  2. Interesting and bright! I too would suggest you try one and report back.

    You’re messing with my mind with these frequent blog changes. Are you still the same person or has the cast put you into a Rear Window mood?

  3. What a gorgeous plant–I’ve never seen them, so at first I thought you’d gottn creative with the coloring. They’re especially interesting in context, as you have them.

  4. Love this cheery bright photo and its color combinations. The processing and framing is the perfect complement to your wonderful photo. Taste one and let us know what it tastes like.

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