Today’s theme is “smells”. I would say this fish in Chinatown smells – especially on a hot day. I don’t eat fish (some shellfish, but no regular fish), so getting close enough to take these pictures is enough for me.

On a personal note – the cast came off yesterday……..but…….I got a new one. Ugh! A big robotic-looking CAM walking boot. I have to wear it at least until I get an MRI (hopefully on Monday). I hope I don’t run out of photos by then. More importantly, I hope they don’t find torn tendons and that I don’t need surgery. I will cross that bridge (hopefully without crutches) if/when I come to it. Thanks for all of the well wishes!


21 thoughts on “Smells

  1. They look delicious! (OK, the eel looks a little creepy, but they probably think the same of me.) There’s a fish stew with my name on it in that photo! I love browsing Chinatown markets… there’s so much cool stuff.

    Good luck with the foot!

  2. Well, I do like fish BUT I am very grateful that I can only see them and not smell them. Good luck with the foot. Here’s to a cast free foot.

  3. Just thinking of the smell makes me puke lol

    I hope everything goes great on Monday…my son was in a cast and one of those boots for almost a year…he broke his tibia and fibia all the way through playing soccer 2 yrs ago…I know what a pain those are! Hang in there!

  4. While I love fish, I honestly prefer not to see them ‘lying in state’ before I eat them. I also don’t want to get to know Larry the Lobster before I eat him. Great shot, though!

  5. Great shot, Gisele! I love seafood of all types and worked as a waitress in a Japanese restaurant/sushi bar when I was in college. I’d try just about anything once. And I LOVE eel!

    Not that you asked, but this is not my favorite theme. The way the background changes everyday keeps me off balance. 😉

    Here’s hoping for good news after your MRI…..

  6. Hope you get on ok with the leg, and it isn’t too serious.
    I can smell the fish from here and I must admit I love fresh fish.

  7. Gisele, I’m catching up after a long hiatus from reviewing blogs. I am absolutely loving your series of shots in Brooklyn. Ruby’s in Coney Island is a heartbreaker – so much history and character lost to homogenize the boardwalk. And Chinatown scenes remind me of all the color and variety of food items found in Chinatowns everywhere. Keep these Brooklyn scenes coming! Have you tried taking shots of the street art in Brooklyn? It’s pretty famous.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you are enjoying my blog! I have seen that website before, but much of that art is in/near Williamsburg, which is a bit far from me. Well, more like “transportation inconvenient”. It’s not that many miles away, but the subways don’t go direct, so it’s easier for me to go into Manhattan than some other parts of Brooklyn. I’ll probably make it over there in better weather and take some shots.

  8. You don’t eat fish? What are you, a weirdo? I can see where an assembly of the creatures like you showed here isn’t going to get the taste buds warm, but no sushi? No alder smoked sockeye salmon? No grilled halibut with lemon and dill? If you ever come to the Pacific Northwest we can always take you to a Denny’s! 😉

  9. Now Gisele, don’t sell out so quick got to keep us tri-staters together. Been there with the ligament thing in HS. At the end of the 4th week of 6 I broke my cast dancing at my junior prom. The ankle has been good ever since.

    • I broke this foot 20 years ago in college in three places. They told me I’d never walk without a limp or wear heels again. I did both – after tons of PT. Fast forward to 2009 – I’m leaving a hotel in Vegas on the way to the airport, step in a pothole and totally eat the pavement. I didn’t know my foot was broken (actually, was in denial), hopped up to get a cab. Got to the airport, couldn’t walk. Got it wrapped by first aid and flew home. Went to hospital the next morning and it’s broken again. Now, since I have been walking so imbalanced, they think I tore tendons in my OTHER foot. I have no good feet left. So, I am in a CAM boot on one foot, and my other foot can barely support me. It’s pathetic, but I’ll get through it.

  10. I like fish but no way that eel!! Do hate the smell when it starts to go off and at places that don’t have REALLY fresh fish or clean storage areas. Hope your foot is improving by the day!

  11. looks as some interestiung seafood but even though I love serafood I think I’ll pass on those. I prefer fresh or kept cool until taken care of. Interesting wiews though I’m happy you made ot in there.
    all the best for your feet, very important bodyparts that we don’t think so much about…before they fail

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