Fast Food Part 2

There seemed to be a split on whether or not I should straighten and crop the photo with the Nathan’s sign from my last post. Here’s a revised version. Thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Fast Food Part 2

  1. Well I started all this, so I’ll say that I guess I was wrong. I do like having less sky, but I liked the angle you had, and more of the theater showing, as you had yesterday.

    Thanks for humoring all of us … it’ll be interesting seeing everyone else’s reactions.

  2. Well, let’s make unanimous, I like the original as well. But it is always interesting to be able to play and compare. That’s one of the advantages of digital photography.

  3. Frankly, I love the wonky angles in the original photo….and like the bit of the building you have included so it gives a hint as to its surroundings. The wild colors are great against the blue sky.

  4. I do believe I like the original better. It works with the angles and a little bit more sky. Of course I really like Nathan’s hot dogs. When cooked properly (I have had them when they have not been properly cooked) they are awfully good. I also like their fries.

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