Action Shot

I’m getting stir crazy in this cast and basically stuck in the house. The good news is that yesterday’s rain washed away a ton of snow and my backyard is snow-free for the first time since December 26th. Oh, and it’s March! I can see the light at the end of the winter tunnel now.

As for today’s theme – here are my furballs in an Action Shot. While Stella Mozzarella is almost always the instigator in these smackdowns, when they have some catnip (real catnip, not Steve’s slipper catnip…ha), all bets are off. As you can see from this series, Jackson started this one. Sometimes I root for him to kick her butt because she can be a brat to him and he needs to stand up for himself better.

How it started (blurry, I know):

And how it ended:

And a short video of them last year after too much catnip again. Stella usually pushes Jackson away from all of the catnip and often sits on top of it so he can’t get any. This is his revenge. One of these days I’ll start playing with Premier Elements and do some video editing. Not today, though 🙂


22 thoughts on “Action Shot

  1. March coming in like a lamb…
    Great comedy act with Stella and Jackson. If not for the cast being on you might have been outdoors and missed the show!

  2. I love these, it looks like they are having too much fun…that video is hilarious! I think you should let the window cat in to play! 🙂

    • There was a NEW window cat last night. I need to learn how to write “No Vacancy” in Cat so that they can stop coming here. There is NO room at the Inn!

  3. Love the REAL action in the video. They are faster than the speed of light so “film” cameras don’t have a chance of capturing them! I never tire of watching cats high on catnip!

  4. We have catnip stashes all over the house and in the freezer. A little buzzed interaction is always entertaining. Do Jackson and Stella pretty much get along, or do they more or less share a space?

    • They do get along most of the time, although sometimes they just share space in a very elaborate time-share program – the rules of which I can never understand. Before Stella, I had a cat named Phantom who was 4 years older than Jackson. Jackson was much more of a bratty little brother and fearless – always wanting to be involved in everything all the time. Then Phantom died very unexpectedly and Jackson’s whole personality changed. He became much more afraid of things and much more passive and sensitive to changes. Contributing to that, I got Stella, who is a little stink monkey – SHE is the one who has to be in everything all the time, and most of the time Jackson lets her (except for catnip and treats – he stands up for himself for those things). Sometimes it makes me sad that he changed so much,but he also became much more lovey dovey and now we have extended couch sessions where he is brushed and sleeps on my lap. Stella and Jackson often spend time near each other – both on the couch, both in the window, etc., but you won’t find them entwined.

      • I should add that Stella is often very entertaining and a fabulous snuggler….and she’s a great guard cat – patrolling the yard, and making me aware of any bugs or other things in the house. She is very sweet and funny, but definitely the “alpha”

  5. Very nice, they are both beautiful cats. I have had up to 7 cats at one time. Love all their personalities. I am down to one now , but they are entertaining.

  6. The cats are beautiful. I enjoy seeing them at a distance. They make me sneeze and I grew up with dogs! In the video, I do believe I would take a swipe at someone who licking me as well!

  7. I can understand about the new kid on the block. We, too, had an older cat that died, leaving us with just one. I found a new kitten who led the existing cat a merry chase. It was so much fun to video them, too.

  8. Your cats are beautiful and the video was very enjoyable. They remind me of Odie (younger) and Ginger. Odie is the little brat who steals all the toys. 🙂

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