This is the Williamsburgh Bank in Brooklyn. A good landmark to give people directions by in Brooklyn. Why is it bold? Yes, it’s tall, but read the second paragraph of this NYT article and you’ll see why.

Who am I to argue with the American Institute of Architects?!

The inside is fabulous and very ornate. Last year they started hosting a market on the weekends inside. I’ll try to get there later this year to show you all. This was taken very quickly out of the window of my cab on Tuesday. The sky was really that blue. Aside from straightening, there was no editing.


26 thoughts on “Bold

  1. Really enjoyed that link! Definitely a boy thing….what a fabulous history this building has had, can’t wait till you get inside and snap a few pics to share, meanwhile the outside of this building and the blue sky make a great photo.

  2. Great shot glad the cabbie was going slow, lol. You are right about the blue sky adding so much to the image. Personally I like the remaining keystone distortion. The clock tower area looks like it is smiling.

  3. I love the straight up perspective, it just looks powerful! I love this building and it’s history…I am patiently waiting for those indoor pics! 🙂

  4. I love the perspective of this shot. It accentuates it’s size. Great catch, especially taken from a cab. I tell ya, the more I see of this city the more I want to visit. Soon.

  5. Oh, yeah–that building was in the CLASSY part of Brooklyn. I lived as a very little girl in Bed-Stuy, and then later, as a young adult, across the street from King’s County.

  6. Can’t believe you didn’t have motion in that shot. Everytime I am in a NYC cap, I get whiplash and end up broke, as its a fortune from the airport to Manhattan.

    Its a great building I should try and get to see it next time I am there. YOur blue sky if unrivaled.

  7. Great driveby….like the backstory. The photo has a much “bolder” effect when viewed on a partially open window(like this comment window as the photo is distorted and more elongated!!!! Anyhew….will be anticipating some interior shots.

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