More from Chinatown – check out these clams! They are huge. Once again, I think one is making a run for it – or maybe a “slime for it”. I suggest full-size viewing to see him in action.


25 thoughts on “Seafood

  1. He’s kind of cute in a ‘face-only-a-mother-could-love’ kind of way … but I’m not letting that stop me. It looks like chowder time!!!

  2. Who put the overalls in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder?
    Nobody answered so I shouted all the louder;
    It’s an Irish trick it’s true,
    and I’ll lick the Mick what threw-
    The overalls in Mrs Murphy’s Choder!

  3. nature is wonderful and so are the clams … this day living on seaground and the other day baken in the pan (or kind of this). I like the processing of the picture!

  4. Love how you caught all of those color variances in the shells, I do see the escapee. Do you have one of these at a different angle, maybe showing more of the basket? I would like to draw or paint this, with your permission. I will give you fulll credit when I post it on my blog. You can email me at: Thanks.

  5. You and your moving seafood! Ick! 🙂 I love the colors and textures in these clams, now I want one w/ a pearl in it! 🙂

  6. Love all the shades of tan/browns! That is a foot, isn’t it? Really cool to catch the action. I’m curious what the creatures are behind the clams in the upper right of the frame.

    • I have no idea what those things are. Unfortunately, this is the only photo I have of the clams, so I can’t go look at another pic to figure it out

      • … well then I will just clam up about it, LOL!
        If you pass by another time maybe there will be a sign and we can use the language translator to learn what it is.

  7. Really nice textures on this. Really nice! Although big clams don’t always equate to big taste, so I hope you understand that size isn’t all that important? And I am strictly talking about the clams here.

  8. I’ve spotted your potential escapee. What a variation in colors and texturs in the shells! To me, the upsidedown logo on the box is the detail makes the photo really stand out.

  9. For some reason I’ve never thought of clams as being THAT fresh to still have moving parts…but then by the time we’d get them here, they wouldn’t be fresh. Thanks for the education and the great textured photo….the red upsidedown box really does add character to the shot.

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