Store Front

Here is my dry cleaner’s store again, from the front.

And here is my “rental doggy” Deborah – this photo was from a few summers ago. She’s getting old now, so taking her to the park is getting more difficult. She’s very slow and since she loves the park so much, she walks a little bit and then sits down. No matter what I try to get her to get up, it doesn’t work, until I drop her leash, walk away and call out “I’m leaving you! Bye, Deborah!”  and then she comes running. People always laugh when I do this. Deborah has a lot of fans – she’s very curly for a golden and so sweet that everybody wants to pet her, especially children.


23 thoughts on “Store Front

  1. Nice dry cleaners???? With regard to Deborah, if she is a retriever all you need to do is place your hand horizontally near her nose, whistle, Raising your hand as you raise the pitch of the whistle. It doesn’t have to be loud, just enough for you and her to hear. Try raising you eyebrows with the pitch, given time you will bee able to get her to rise just by raising your eyebrows.
    No advice is free, we want someone handy to take photos of you as you are training her, and you must post them!

  2. I like your treatment of the dry cleaners store front, and the torn edge you framed it with. Deborah looks like a real honey and her curly coat is beautiful.

  3. Love the storefront, great detail and textures. What a grand looking regal lady. She must really love the park and can’t form the words to tell you so.

  4. I love the processing on both of these images…I could see them both in frames! 🙂

    Your Deborah is a beauty! My SIL has a really curly golden too…they live on a lake so it is a pain to brush him out lol

  5. Sweet looking dog, and nice processing on it. One of my best friend is a Golden. Smart dogs for the most part.

    Sweet looking dry cleaners, too! Interesting looking bench under the windows. I guess without backs to them your shirt will get some brick soot on them, requiring you to take them to the cleaners. I get this racket.

    • That would be a good racket! It’s actually more of a laundromat, although they probably do some dry cleaning.

      I am convinced that the Access-A-Ride vans here (they pick up disabled people in wheelchairs, etc. ) are trying to make their own customers since they drive like total lunatics. Job security.

  6. Your dry cleaners looks like it’s full of character. Nice of them to leave newspapers for clients to read. I can see why so many people want to pet Deborah. She’s beautiful and has such friendly eyes. Nice processing on both shots.

  7. The benches in front of the store are priceless! Love the color, texture and fun they add to the photo! Nice processing, too!
    Deborah is such a doll. So glad you can still spend time with her in the park. Love the story of the dropped leash! Really made me smile. Give her a hug for me!

  8. You obviously have Deborah trained very well. Or, probably more accurately, she has you trained very well. She just looks like a big sweetheart and I can see why you borrow her….

    Another nice edge treatment on the first shot….

  9. I love your Deborah story…she knows how to work the system. Love all those curls…
    The photo of the quaint neighborhood store is super and lets me have a feeling of your neighborhood that seems more intimate that the big city I always imagine NYC to be. Great processing too.

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