On Saturday we had fabulous weather, and I managed to get out a bit. I went to a very mixed use neighborhood (Red Hook, Brooklyn) – it is fairly industrial, but some people have restored warehouses and built residences and stores. It is also home to the housing projects where NY Knicks ย Carmelo Anthony spent his early years.

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies has been called “The Best Key Lime Pie, Mason-Dixon Line or No” by The New York Times, and has been featured on countless food and travel programs. Steve started making pies from scratch over 30 years ago, refusing to cut corners on ingredients or processing. (and, yes, I went inside….more at a later date)


23 thoughts on “Homemade

  1. Love the shot, the processing and the artwork in the sign for Cornell Box. I’m looking forward to seeing the inside shot.

    • they are going to expand to Portland! Not as a chain (goes against what they believe in), I believe they are teaching somebody how to do it or that somebody from the original place is moving there.

    • they are graham cracker base, limes, egg yolks, condensed milk and butter. They are not cooked (although many places do cook them, that’s not the way a “purist” would do it).

      I’m not normally much of a pastry/cake person (prefer salty, crunchy or cheese), but they are tasty. Plus, I wanted to take pictures and figured buying something would help with that ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Boy, I love this shot and the way you processed it. The punch of color in the Steve’s sign is wonderful and the edge treatment looks wonderful on your white background. Settled on a blog theme yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Love this shot and the processing. I really also enjoy the information you add to your pictures. I almost feel like I’ve been to NY. Funny, I all of a sudden have a craving for Key Lime Pie. Wonder how that happened?

  4. This is a wonderful image, just full of whimsey. intrigue and vibrancy. Where does the door go? What is Cornell Box? Can I have some pie? And hey, a week ago you couldn’t say New York Knick’s Carmelo Anthony, so you caught some lucky breaks here!

  5. Great [rocessing–the poster has candy colors, and the processing makes the whole photo bright and airy–almost like a child’s vision.

  6. You out did your self on this one. Great image and processing. I lived in Miami, Florida way back when for a year and there was a restauraunt that claimed to have the best “Key Lime Pie”. We loved it so I must try Steves Place to see if it is truly the best. Not sure if I remember as that was in 1961. Can my taste buds still recall after all that time.?

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