I love these cement blocks and how somebody added Red Hook (the name of the part of Brooklyn they are in) to them. They were painted by somebody while on the cement, not painted somewhere else and then placed near the water.

To give you a sense of what it took to do this, here is another shot (this one SOOC)

17 thoughts on “Cement

  1. I am so glad you included the whole scene so we have an idea where this came from. Now that took some work, but wow is it bold! Loving it!

  2. There is quite a few more blocks to play with, though that could then distract from this original conception. What was your location to shoot this? Is this a narrow part of the river or were you walking on water?

    • I was standing on the sidewalk across the water. There are piers in this area, so there are a lot of places where you can walk that jut out of the water. Although I do like that you entertained the possibility that I walk on water 🙂

  3. Obviously this graffiti took awhile…did someone just look the other way then? Great imitation of a child’s wooden block. Really great art, I think. A more creative cement theme photo will be hard to come by.

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