Here is the door for Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie. Blow it up really large to read the signs and you will see that if the door is locked, no pies for you! It will also tell you what they don’t do (coffee, apple pie, plants, real estate, sell glass (that place is around the corner – we’ll go there later)). That type of thing is exactly why I love NYC – the directness of people. I told a friend once after she said her friend stabbed her in the back, that “in NY, we’ll stab you in the front. You’re gonna see it coming!”.

Coming out of the door is Willis, the store doggy. Willis came right out to greet me when I walked up the driveway.


19 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. It’s a wonderful shot of the entrance and including the doggy bouncer was a terrific idea. I like the “Welcome to Red Hook – Now Git” sign. I figure you’ve gotta be pretty unflappable to handle a lot of what NYC throws at you….

  2. I love the angle you shot this at…the open and inviting bright yellow door, the pie guard dog, and the signs all make for a very dynamic image! A new favorite of mine!

  3. First, I love real Key Lime pie. Second I love your sights of NYC. Third does the pie guy “no pie for you”, live next door to the soup nazi, “no soup for you”? LOL

    • there was just an article in the NYTimes about chefs who will only let you order things certain ways (one will not give ketchup for fries, one will only allow Roquefort cheese on a burger, etc.). Divas! I think it’s just that Steve’s produces in such small batches (12 pies) by hand – so when they are done for the day, they are DONE.

  4. Great urban feel here! Love the colors and bricks, and the dog is such a bonus. Never a dull moment in The City!

  5. I know I keep saying this but the more you share about New York the more I love it. I really MUST visit. Sounds like a great place. No beating around the bush.

  6. I can tell that place has “Character”. But it is a great shot. Don’t know if I would try his cooking though and love “Willis”. Looks like he came out of Our Gang comedy many years ago. Lived on Long Island all my life and never been to “Red Hook”. Am I missing something??!!

    • Yes, it’s really fun to explore. Great warehouses, quirky stores, and very nice views from the waterfront – including the Statue of Liberty. Also, the new Queen Mary 2 docks in Red Hook when it is in NYC because it is too big to fit at the Manhattan piers. It’s pretty easy to park around there if you ever feel like taking a ride.

      By the way, I grew up on LI, although I moved to Brooklyn 14 years ago

  7. Well, the signs sure take care of having to answer any unnecessary questions from a bunch of tourists…and that dog is precious! He DOES look like he has a job as bouncer as stated previously. Enjoyed the details on this photo.

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