Let’s go back to Brooklyn’s Chinatown, where we will go grocery shopping at Hong Kong Supermarket. NOBODY speaks English in this store, even though it is huge, and the cashiers are usually young women. It’s a pretty insular community – there are Chinese schools, banks, grocery stores, etc. and many first (and even second) generation Chinese Americans get by without learning even basic English. If you have a question, expect to do a lot of hand gesturing to explain what you need.

Now, let’s take a look at just some of the things you can buy here.

First, some Double Black soy sauce – for when black alone will not suffice:

How about some octopus flavored chips? Mmmmmm yummy

Not your thing? What about canned quail eggs?

No? What about pork fu or pork sung? Don’t ask me what it is – I have no idea

Lastly, you can smother it all with black pepper sauce. I am certain you will like it as it is called “Enjoy Family”. I don’t think you should put it ON your family though 🙂


23 thoughts on “Groceries

  1. I hope they have expert ‘hand gesture’ interpretators on hand for when I visit, LOL, who knows what you could find in the basket when you get home. Did they know you were taking photos in the shop?

  2. You sure do get a lot of interesting shots! 🙂 I never knew there was a Chinatown in Brooklyn. Irish, yes, Russian, yes, Italian, yes, but never knew about Chinatown. What a great way to get a feel for another culture.

  3. Wow, now that is culture…I am loving all the colors, next best thing to being there! 🙂

    We have a Mexican store like that…I try to get down there once a month…their deli Mexican food is incredible!

  4. Sure a lot of color there. I like the sampling of the available culinary exotica. But where is the mustard, Gisele?

    I know this will probably come across as somewhat ethnocentric, but to me there is a weird smell to many asian markets. Nothing dominates the scent, but there is something that just isn’t right to my nose.

    • ew…..mustard! If I saw any, I would not shoot it! I don’t like fish, and there is often a lot of fresh fish in Chinese markets. It can smell pretty funky in the summer.

  5. My first college roomate was from Hong Kong. Her relatives took my to Chinatown in Manhattan, where I got to taste pigeon eggs. Never had a quail egg (but I do remember a column Martha Stewart had years ago on school lunches, where she said that, “Ebery child would love quail eggs in the lunch box.” My kids were skeptical. Anyway, I’d just truly love to taste octopus flavored chips! Honest.

  6. Very cool pictures but I don’t think I’m up to trying any of them. Octopus flavoured chips? What a way to ruin a good chip. That’s my opinion but I guess I shouldn’t talk too loud as I’ve never tried them.

  7. What a great series. There is also a large Polish area in Boorklyn. I went to China Town in Manhatten many years ago no one spoke English and the Boss came out of the kitchen and yelled at everyone and they all raised there hands and ordered So we followed suit and had some great stuff that I had no idea what was in it.. We did this over and over till we were full. I have no clue as to how they knew what we had ordered but they had it down pat. We never laughed so hard in years.

  8. I’m fascinated by the offerings in ethnic markets. Some things I won’t eat but I love contemplating how the various items are used in cooking. I’ve had octopus sushi before and I don’t recall that it had much flavor at all, so the octopus flavored chips might just be a gimmick….

  9. I want the octopus chips ! A fun series and you are getting quite stealthy. I’ve joked about a scratch and sniff widget for the blogs but Asian markets have so many strong aromas it may not work.

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