I love this kooky house! I pass it fairly regularly as there is a great supermarket across the street (with a fabulous cheese selection – I LOVE cheese!). I didn’t know the story behind it, and then realized that the address is on the door, so I Googled it and found some more info . I didn’t know that the brother of the guy who owns this  owns Sunny’s Bar,which is a neighborhood institution (and quirky in its own right). Maybe I’ll get to Sunny’s later this year.


19 thoughts on “Nautical

  1. Great place to photograph … the tricycle and scooter are my favorites. I wonder what the view is like from inside the Fairway Market while munching a lobster roll?

    • Fairway has a cafe that is right on the water. You order your food in the market and take it out to picnic tables on the deck which is right on the water. A really beautiful place to have a casual lunch.

      I like the scooter and tricycle too!

  2. So cool! It’s like the result of a battle between the left and right sides of this guy’s brains, putting the final product decidedly towards the folk art end of the kitsch spectrum….

  3. I think you have this theme well covered! This is so out there and in your face! I would love to meet the owner…I can only imagine their BIG personality!

  4. If you love cheese are you going to marry it? I never get tired of that grade school thing! I have a strong affection for cheese too, not only the edible type but the cheesy kitsch on this house. I really, really like the individuality and quirkiness of this place, but noticed I didn’t cross into the love realm so I don’t have to marry it.

  5. Very interesting place for sure. I think maybe he should own a boat instead of a house. I hear ya on the cheese. I LOVE cheese! Peg is always calling me a rat.

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