I loved this warehouse in Red Hook. The sky was super blue, but I upped the saturation and added a dry brush to this. 


12 thoughts on “Simple/Minimalism

  1. Red, white and blue. How patriotic! Nice to see ground in your world that isn’t white, isn’t it? Spring is in the air for sure. Say, are you a Mets or Yankee fan? Or do you follow the Dodgers just because? Or do you not like baseball at all, lumping it into the mustard and fish world?

    • Yes, it is nice to see green ground – I actually have many bulbs popping up now. I grew up liking the Mets, but have been more of a Yankees fan lately because more of my friends have tickets to the Yankees. I like baseball, but I don’t really follow any team

  2. Such great colors, old brick is so appealing. It looks like maybe the arches were window openings that got bricked over.
    I can’t like the Yankees…

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