These were not “worthy” of their own theme post, but some people have asked to see more from Steve’s and what the glass bending place produces.


Here is the basic type of glass they do – mostly for businesses with custom doors and windows



they also have artists who do tableware and other types of glass for gifts:



And here is a mini individual key lime pie…before and during….it was so yummy I didn’t wait to photograph it nicely



12 thoughts on “Extras…..

  1. It’s nice to see the results of the glass production. And, I like the shot of the key-lime pie but I’m surprised it is yellow. Not that I’ve ever had key-lime before, mind you, but I expected it to be green. The crinkly paper underneath is neat….

  2. these pictures are “worthy” to have a look at; long time ago I have seen how someone was producing pretty things out of fluid glass

  3. A great look at the odds and ends…the more photos the better for me although I’m having trouble getting through the blogs on even a weekly basis. Now I’m craving a sweet after that key lime pie…so see your later!

  4. They make some very beautiful glass products…loving those plates (they look like Karin Carr)! 🙂

    I think I need that pie! OMG does it look good!

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