Around the corner (literally – they are in the same warehouse) from Steve’s Pies is Flickinger Glassworks. They specialize in “glass bending”, lighting and tableware.

First, we’ll meet Ezekiel. He has been working there for over 20 years and has a lot of passion for what he does. So much so that he was kind enough to invite me in to the studio and he showed me all of the tools used to make and bend glass. Here he is in the front of the building:

Now we’ll see some tools. The lighting was really difficult in here – some spots really dark, others brightly lit with florescent bulbs.

The oven:

Glass bending molds:

A glass press:

Glass cutter:

And finally, my new best little friend, Jasper, the store kitty. He followed me everywhere!


14 thoughts on “Tools

  1. Thanks for the tour Gisele, and Ezekiel too. I think you covered everything except for some finished/half-finished product…or do I have to wait for your ‘glass’ posting?
    Jasper could be the house detective making sure you weren’t copying down any secrets.

  2. I am thinking Jasper wants to go home with you too! At least he is not lurking in your windows! 🙂

    I love all of these tools and their incredible textures! Thanks for the virtual tour, did you buy anything?

    • I need them to make me a “no vacancy” sign, written in Cat to hang in my bedroom window!

      No, I didn’t buy anything.I had told Ezekiel I was just walking around the area and had never seen this store before, and he wasn’t really busy so he showed me the whole operation.

  3. Nice that you got a tour! That is a real cool building, and Ezekiel sure has some brightly colored footwear. We had an all white cat named Jasper before. Kind of a bastardization on Casper, the friendly (and effeminate) ghost.

  4. Great series and very informative about the glass works. I guess the cat gets the mice at night. I have to get some “Key Lime Pie” from Steve’s place.

  5. Many years ago, as a birthday present, Barbara (my wife) bought me a days training at a local glassblowing shop (she said, it would stop me talking for a while.).
    I love glass and the ways it can be usesd.

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