There is a giant spider and a caterpillar climbing up the side of this elementary school near my house. Critters! I had a hard time getting a great shot because the kids were on the playground and I didn’t want anybody to think I was up to something suspicious.


18 thoughts on “Critters

  1. you haven’t been afraid beeing so close to these teribble critters, to these monsters? Very well done processing, good idea!

  2. Very interesting ‘decorations’ for a school. I’m grateful they weren’t real. I was a little worried when I was reading the text. Nicely done. Love the architecture of the school.

  3. A good way to dress up the conduits! Now, did you cause any undo trauma on the little darlings by photographing the school in their presence? I’m sure tonight’s PTA meeting will address the Park Slope Potential Problem Perv.

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