Normally, I’m not a fan of musicals (I find it a bit odd for people to break into song), but I did love West Side Story. Here is the grave of Leonard Bernstein in Green-Wood cemetery. It’s amazing how some people have giant mausoleums and then you find people who have had fame and success and have very simple graves (like Louis Comfort Tiffany, Frank Morgan (Wupperman) – aka The Wizard of Oz, and others). Bernstein also has a very simple bench. He is, however, located in a prime spot – on the highest point in Brooklyn near the Civil War memorial and Minerva

People leave things on graves all the time – especially famous graves. Leaving pebbles/stones is a Jewish custom, but I have seen many other things. The note on Saturday said “We’ll catch up some other time. (heart) E.C. & T. M. 


21 thoughts on “Musical

  1. thanks for sharing this picture and your thoughts. I love the music of Bernstein and seeing his modest grave I know once more: He was really a great one!

  2. Great composition and use of theme! Interesting info too. Maybe these successful people understand that it is more important to be kind, than it is to be important.

  3. Excellent photo! Love the lighting and colors of it. Is Maria buried nearby, or is she still alive? Frank Morgan being buried in Green-Wood makes sense, since he ruled over The Emerald City.

  4. A fine photograph, the texture and light on the marker and the stones is perfect. I love the note. Have you ever seen who leaves stuff? I guess that would be intrusive to spy on people but…

  5. I’m very moved by this. I’ve never seen things left on graves before. Other than on a child grave I’ve sometime seen toys left. I agree with your note above that it’s private time for those that are leaving things, it must be a strong connection to do so.

    • Sheila – I have seen many, many things left on graves. Children’s toys, baseballs, stones, coins, scarecrows (Halloween) and other seasonal items (shamrocks, boxes of candy, etc.). I may post a photo at a later date of an artist’s grave – people leave paint brushes and notes on his grave all the time.

  6. Leaving momentos on a grave site has been a habit of mine for many years. When I visit Gerry (one of my best friends) sometimes I will leave him a half bottle of a good beer. Very interesting that he would have such a modest headstone. He must have been a very “Humble” individual.

  7. I like how you got the shot with so many stones left on it. I remember watching his Childrens’ Concerts on TV. Jewish Headstones are not usually as ornate as some.

  8. Great photo and story. It’s always interesting to learn about the different traditions that are out there. I’ve never heard of the tradition of putting stones. I’ll have to look that up and read more on it.

  9. Great shot for the theme. I really like the tradition of leaving a small stone/pebble. It just shows that someone visited and is a sign of respect. Hope you left a stone.

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