Anybody want to take a ride on the 6 train? This subway runs from lower Manhattan (City Hall) to the Bronx. It’s also the train that Jennifer Lopez named her “On the 6” album for. Somehow, I don’t think the 6 train would be proud of this “honor” 🙂


20 thoughts on “Six

  1. … but I think the train will be proud of the honor to be taken as photographic object by you. I do like the picture, often heard of the Bronx, but never have been there.

  2. I love this…the way the stairwell fills the image is perfect! I love the grungy look and the flash of red! Awesome shooting!

  3. There’s so much depth in this shot–the garish orange of the railing contrasting with the dank grimy interior and the well-worn rusted stair, the different level, and the young woman just about to disappear into the bowels of the earth.

  4. This gives me a bit of the creeps. I had the chance to ride the NYC subway around 1990 and even though I was with a group, it was pretty frightening. I’ve heard everything about NYC has been cleaned up in the intervening years, though…

  5. I like the bright new paint on the railing contrasted with the stained concrete and dark entry to the lower level. Nice of the woman to enter right then.

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